Who We Are

Our Mission

Ace Elastomer Corporation strives to be an aggressive, innovative, ethical and successful custom rubber manufacturer committed to superior product quality and unmatched customer service.

  1. Provide greater value than our competition.
  2. Treat our customers, employees and suppliers as we would like to be treated.
  3. Provide a work environment that is clean, orderly and safe.
  4. Empower, motivate and retain high-performing people in all areas of business.
  5. Share our success with our community and ministries both locally and worldwide.
Our Environment

Ace Elastomer is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible and proactive manner.  We strive to protect the environment and the health and safety of our associates, customers, and the community where we operate.  As a company, we seek out ways to be environmentally friendly in how we operate our facility, and in our partnerships with suppliers who are committed to strive for the same high levels of environmental performance. Ace Elastomer strives to recycle, reuse, or salvage our materials and scrap. In ourmanufacturing process, efforts such as the following contribute to our green initiative:
  • Wood pallets recycled into mulch
  • Oils captured and recycled
  • Office paper recycled
  • Cardboard recycled
  • Scrap steel and aluminum recycled
  • Plastic totes and drums recycled
Ace Elastomer is dedicated to bringing the best possible product to the marketplace, while doing so in an environmentally safe manner.  We will continue to seek out the best resources to mirror our commitment to creating a better environment for all of us.

Who We Are

Our Services

Internal & Open Mill Mixing
Dedicated Straining Lines
Dedicated Color Lines
Multiple Calendaring Lines


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