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We welcome you to the Ace Elastomer Corporation website.  This site is currently under development.  Hopefully you will visit  often and watch the site grow and take on new and meaningful functions as we strive to serve the roller industry.

Ace Elastomer is dedicated exclusively to the supply of high quality rubber compounds to manufacturers of rubber covered rollers.  We offer a full range of coverings, working with essentially every elastomer, over the entire range of hardnesses, in various colors, and formulated to meet the specific requirements of each roller application.  Compounds are supplied in calendered sheet, in strip for feeding into extruder processes, or in mill slap for further modification by our customers.  We normally provide complete formulations, ready for fabrication and vulcanization, but we can also supply a compound as a masterbatch for the customer to add the curatives.

For more information contact us at:
Ace Elastomer Corporation
320 Bryant Boulevard
Rock Hill, SC 29732
877 324 7979