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Custom Mix Rubber Compounds

AirBoss Ace Elastomer mixes rubber compounds for many industries including the roller industry, belting and printing industries and also for molding applications.

Dedicated Supplier

We offer a full range of custom mix compounds, working with essentially every elastomer, over the entire hardness range.

Our Rubber

View quick reference specification guide for rubber compound series.

The Power of ACE Elastomer

ACE mixes rubber compounds for many industries including the roller industry, belting and printing industries, and also for molding applications. Our experienced technical staff always goes above and beyond the call of duty to help you find the best solutions. Our team is committed to constantly improving our formulations and the quality of our compounds. We specialize in customer service and will work hard to exceed your expectations as a supplier.

Cutting Edge Compounds

Continually raising the bar with cutting edge compounds gives our customers a marketable advantage. Internal development programs as well as collaboration with Universities and product suppliers fuels this effort and sets us apart from others in the industry. (Tyromer, Swell Compounds, High Temp Silicone).

Exacting Specifications

Over the years we’ve assembled a development group that specializes in all market segments and existing polymer technologies. This provides our customers with a speed to market advantage and gives us ability to dial in compounds to exact specifications and end-use markets.

Custom Solutions

AirBoss Rubber Solutions is a full-service provider and offers custom solutions for formulation development, mixing technology, packaging, freight, and more. AirBoss is the industry leader in custom mixing, which means no request is too big or too small.

Optimized Performance

AirBoss Rubber Solutions not only develops rubber compounds for optimized performance but mixing technologies and processes as well. We understand that both are equally important to provide optimized processing performance in customer manufacturing environments as well as in end-use applications.

Explore A Customized Rubber Solution!

As one of North America’s leading custom compounding companies, ACE Elastomer will help you meet your customized product manufacturing needs.

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